Clean It: 12 Tips to Clean a Painting, Part 2

Seven: Replace the frame of the painting.

In some cases, the frames of paintings are going to become terrible magnets for dust in practice. As such, people who want to keep their paintings clean in the future are better off just replacing those frames with frames that aren’t going to gather dust anywhere near as easily. Some of these frames may ultimately make the paintings look better as well.

Eight: Clean the dust off of paintings with air.

People use little air sprays to clean their laptop computers. They can use those same air sprays in order to clean their paintings, as long as the paintings aren’t in a terrible state of disrepair. It is hard to reduce the impact more than that.

Nine: Move the painting to another location.

Paintings are kept in particular areas in museums for a reason. Ultraviolet light can damage paintings, and some parts of a given house are going to attract more dust and dirt than others. In some cases, people can keep paintings cleaner just by moving them to locations that aren’t as prone to dust.

Ten: Make certain areas non-smoking areas.

Cigarette smoke can damage the interiors of homes, among other things. Cigarette smoke can also horribly damage paintings. People who have valuable paintings should make sure that the paintings aren’t being exposed to cigarette smoke on a regular basis. They should also avoid keeping paintings in the same room as fireplaces.

Eleven: Linoleum makes a great support for paintings during cleaning sessions.

People shouldn’t just put paintings on tables when they are trying to clean them. If they do that, there is going to be too much pressure on the paintings during the actual cleaning process, which is going to ultimately weaken them on a structural level. Resting paintings on linoleum or a similar surface during cleaning can make all the difference.

Twelve: People should wear surgical gloves while cleaning.

Even if they are not working with any special chemicals during the cleaning process, it is a good idea for people to always wear surgical gloves. They might end up getting some of their sweat or some of the dirt on their hands on the painting during the cleaning process otherwise. The gloves will protect the painting, and they will also protect the hands of the person doing the cleaning.

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