How To Get Your Art Into A Gallery, Part 2

Next, get an online gallery set up for yourself. This is where you will need to get digital images of your artwork made and downloaded to a website, which can be created for free from numerous services. Additionally, you will also want to create a professional email address as well. Once both of these steps have been completed, you can then network with other artists and gallery curators in your area and forward all of this information to them so that they can see every bit of your work.

The next step is to compose what’s known as a “letter of inquiry” to art galleries that you would like to showcase your artwork in. Not only should you include examples of some of your pieces in this letter, but you should also include links to your online art gallery as well. Typically, this is something that should be done approximately every four months, ensuring that you email art galleries located in cities that you are physically able to travel to.

Next, sign with what’s generally referred to as an “artist collective gallery,” which is a gallery that normally requires monthly membership fees, but does not take a cut of your work. However, be advised that in order to gain acceptance, you will need to present two things: an artist statement and your artwork itself. It’s also worth noting that these kinds of galleries normally will not contact you to show your artwork exclusively there.

Finally, it will be time to sign with a major gallery! This is where it will be extremely important to have a contract of some sort, as they will sell your work for you and take a cut of the money, which essentially turns them into a sort of agent. The exact cut is something that should be explicitly specified in the contract that you sign; however, it is usually somewhere between 20% and 50%. Major art galleries, however, will generally try to convince you to make your artwork as expensive as possible. This is because the more money you make, the more money they make as a result. Of course, you will need to very thoroughly and carefully read any contract before signing it, as some galleries stipulate that you may only show and sell your artwork through them.

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