How to Pick the Best Frame for a Painting, Part 1

When you buy a piece of art it is for the beauty of your home or office. This is just the beginning of the art you purchased. The perfect frame for your beautiful new painting is now the goal. What are some of the tips that help to decide what will frame your new beautiful accessory? These tips may help when you are making this decision how to display your brand new beautiful painting.

The quality of your artwork should be considered when you choose the frame. The frame is what highlights the beauty perfectly if you pick the right choice. Art is timeless and the perfect frame only captures this quality. You want your frame to showcase the art and not to detract from its allure.

Modern Art and Portraits

Modern art is a bold statement and it should be framed with a strong type of frame so that it is captured perfectly in your environment. Portraits whether they are photographed or painted need a strong frame to capture the boldness of the images portrayed in the pictures.

Canvas Artwork

If you have purchased a gorgeous painting on canvas it should be in a specific type of frame to capture the ornate quality of tradition. For some paintings on canvas the theme of the frame should be traditional gold or wood frames for the perfect illusion. The idea is to have your canvas painting appear to float off of the wall to the audience. If your canvas painting is rich and dramatic this is the desired affect you seek for the perfect display on your wall.

The traditional art on canvas should be captured in three different ways. The first is traditional natural wood, the second is silver and gold frames for the best display in your favorite place.

Artwork Displaying Rich Colors

The main thing when choosing the proper frame for artwork with rich colors is to capture those colors in their best light. This is the best time to use a color wheel when deciding what frame will best suit this type of art. Since this type of art can change the mood of the audience the color wheel will help choose the mood that your art work displays.

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