How to Pick the Best Frame for a Painting, Part 2

Framing Your Artwork Depends upon where it is displayed

When you are deciding on what frame to use for your new work of art there is one important thing to consider. This particular detail is very important when you choose the frame your art will be displayed in, you must also decide where it will be placed. The surrounding environment will affect the particular mood you want your artwork to deliver.

You want to choose the particular colors that you would like noticed in the painting and in the place you display your painting. These tips will help when deciding how to pick the best frame for a painting.

Do Not Think Like the Artist When Choosing a Frame

The artist of your painting is not thinking where their art will be displayed when they are creating their masterpiece. You must think like the audience who will be viewing your newly acquired art. Impressionist art is best displayed in a Victorian style frame. Many people believe that impressionist art should be in a busy small frame however, it should be a frame that is linear. The way art is displayed in galleries is simply to sell the art it is not best for the display of the one who purchases that art.

Framing Art that displays Landscapes

When displaying art that portrays a landscape, one must pick a frame that does not distract from the art. Frames that have too many distractions and lines will detract from the eye of the beholder. This is important if you want your painting to be the focus. You want the focus of the landscape painting to be the actual landscape that is displayed in your frame.

How to Pick the Best Frame for Your Art

There are so many opinions out there that will confuse you when you begin the search for the perfect frame for your masterpiece. If you have an expensive piece it is obvious that you will want the absolute attention to this piece. You can choose a frame that has an invisible quality to it. This will keep the focus directly on the painting and not on the frame. This is the end result you wish for an expensive piece. An invisible frame or a frame that is “barely” there is usually a lacquer frame. This type of frame will reveal the colors of your artwork and display it in a way that it is completely the focus of the beholder.

When you are placing your art on display in your home or office you want the focus to be on the art. Art is a great escape for those who love it and the best frame will showcase it to perfection. Art can be a memorable experience and it can influence the audience of the painting.

It really just depends on if you are displaying a beautiful picture you love or a masterpiece. The quality of the frame is the finishing touch of the artwork. If you are choosing traditional art for your home you will look for a traditional frame that highlights the colors. Perhaps a natural wood frame or a deep dark mahogany for pieces that accent the environment. If you are just looking to match the colors in your home or office this is rather easy with paintings that are not the focus but rather decorate the room they are displayed in.

The decision is up to you on what you want the focus of your artwork to accomplish. If you are displaying a masterpiece you want lighting and ambiance to completely compliment that painting perfectly. Picture lighting can make the complete difference in how the lights, shades and colors are displayed. Decide what you are trying to accomplish and you will know how to pick the best frame for a painting.

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