How to Hang Your Paintings Professionally

It really is a beautiful thing to be able to hang and display your lovely paintings to enjoy them and for others to also be able to delight in their artistic beauty. It can seem to be a tricky process to hang them. But by following a formula that is used by art galleries, which is rather simple for you to be able to personally emulate, you will be able to hang your paintings just like the professionals do. These simple guidelines will enable you to show forth your wonderful paintings in a professional and pleasing manner.

In order to be able to hang your paintings, you will need to make sure that you have:

  • a hammer
  • a pencil
  • a level
  • a measuring tape
  • some good wall hooks as well.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Be sure to use brackets or picture hooks. It is never advised to just hammer nails straight into a wall.
  2. You must follow the recommendations regarding the weight on the package of the hardware. Only use the right type of hardware that will be able to support the weight of your paintings.
  3. Ensure that the hardware that you have purchased and are using to hang your painting is secured firmly with screws in the back of the frame of your painting.
  4. If your painting seems heavy, then it is highly recommended that you use two D-ring types of hangers by placing one on each side of the painting in order to be able to make sure that it will not fall off the wall once hung there.
  5. It truly is a good idea to use two hooks in the placement of your wall for extra strength, stability and support when you are hanging the frame of your painting by using wire.
  6. When it comes time to hang your painting, you must find the center point from left to right for the space in which you wish to hang your lovely painting. You will then find the center point for the space and mark it with your pencil that you have on hand.
  7. If you have seen the need to used D-ring types of hangers without a wire, be sure that you measure the painting from top to bottom and mark the center of the piece under one of the hangers with your pencil.
  8. When you are using wire to help hang your painting, measure from the center to the top of the tightened wire and add sixty more inches to that for standard height. This will cause your painting to hang at eye level.
  9. You will know the center height point where to hang your painting at on the wall when you measure and mark the distance from the floor near your center mark on the wall. Be sure to align the marks with a level.

These are some tips that surely should help you to be able to hang your great paintings professionally with the know how regarding keeping them stable, supported, attached to the wall and free from damage by preventing falls when using the correct materials to hang your prized paintings.