Six Ways to Get Your Art Into Public View, Part 1

Producing great pieces of art is one thing. However, getting it into the public view is another. The need to inherently create and communicate ideas through art is something that all artists are gifted in. Now, the problem is that this gift isn’t enough to make your name known.

As an artist, you must make sure your work is reaching the intended audience. In addition to this, you must also ensure that you’re always in the business of expanding your circles to get more potential buyers. This is what will further your professional career.

So if you’re like most newbie artists who are wondering how to get their art into public view out there, the 6 tips below will help point you in the right direction.

1. Your portfolio is the best marketing tool in your arsenal

You should develop your brand by packaging it in a way that will effortlessly compete with others when uploaded online or put in flyers, brochures, or business cards. You should concentrate on the visual reproduction of the art since this is what will most likely attract public attention.

Your pieces should be well-executed and visually striking. These must be placed strategically on your website.

Every image must be accompanied by some captivating texts. In this text, you should include details on the size, media, and title as well. Always tell a story behind every piece you add into your portfolio.

2. Increase your online footprint

Digital marketing is growing very fast these days, so you have to participate in it to gain the most exposure.

You can take advantage of online galleries such as Agora’s Artmine to promote your art to a large public audience. Such galleries will connect you to enthusiasts and collectors who will be interested in your work.

If you can take advantage of an artist page in a popular site, you will do well too. This is the only way new fans will find you online to stay tuned to your latest creation. It might cost you upfront, but the rewards can be worth it.

3. Search-friendly art

Art collectors are people who are very specific of what they want to collect next. Some collectors want special objects, while others are only interested in certain mediums. In other words, it’s hard to guess what collectors will be looking for or how they will end up finding it.

Therefore, when it comes to describing your work online, make sure you use the correct terms or keywords that will lead them to discover you.

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