Six Ways to Get Your Art Into Public View, Part 2

4. Art competition

Do not fail to participate in art competition because they do a great job in putting you in front of potential collectors and everyone else who is interested in your job. Art competitions have been known to discover and showcase noteworthy artists who are just finding their way into the career. It can build you really fast.

5. You should insist on networking

Networking is important in all careers, and this includes the art career as well. If you keep networking, you will expand your boundaries as you meet with influential individuals in the industry.

No doubt, if you build your network overtime, you will have consistent flow of opportunities. This can build your artist career really fast, giving you a competitive edge in the industry. That’s how successful artists do business out there — by networking a lot more.

The best way to network is to join art organizations where fellow like-minded individuals will notice you. In addition to this, you should take part in community events hosted as street shows, art fairs and so on.

6. Help with promoting your art

Certain services have emerged on the internet these days, and their aim is to help artists promote their work. They produce press release and statement for artists. They put artists work in their galleries to increase exposure. They also advertise their work in artist exhibitions. However, this option is best for artists who think the above things are too overwhelming to handle. It is also good for artists who are too busy to handle the marketing aspect of their job.

There you have the 6 tips to getting your art pieces to the public view. Make sure you implement all of them. But if you don’t have time, the last option will suite you well.

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